A High Dose for Thrill Seekers in China’s Haunted Places

haunted placesPeople jump off a plane mid-travel. Groups of young adventurers scale high cliffs and mountains. Liberated souls go kayaking in swelled, roaring rivers. Thrill-seekers, one and all.

There are a lot of activities available for people wishing to elevate their adrenaline, to feel that rising fear from your stomach climbing up your chest, and yelling it out as you scream for pure ecstatic excitement. Continue reading “A High Dose for Thrill Seekers in China’s Haunted Places”

The Towering Skyscrapers of Shanghai

shanghai skyscrapersOnly twenty-five years old, the Lujiazui Financial district, Pudong, Shanghai has a world class skyline and in 2014, the second tallest building in world.

Cities with great skylines have several buildings that stand out from the rest. New York has the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings. Chicago has the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) and John Hancock Center. Hong Kong has the International Commerce Centre, Two International Finance Centre, and the Central Plaza. Shanghai’s already impressive skyline has the Shanghai World Financial Center, Oriental Pearl Tower, and Jin Mao Tower, and will be joined by the Shanghai Tower in 2014; giving Shanghai two of the top four tallest buildings in the world. Continue reading “The Towering Skyscrapers of Shanghai”