China has always sparked the interest of the world. From the ancient times, China has started a great civilization way before Western civilization has flourished. From silk paintings and textiles, fine pottery and lacquer ware, porcelain and even fireworks – we all credit China for all these things that has been adapted in the Modern Age. With it’s rich history, the country just recently opened to the world to become a top tourist destination – where the ancient meets the modern to work in glorious harmony.

Our site, China Embassy, will be focusing on China travel. But we are more likely inclined to discuss lifestyle topics too. With a society shifting towards economic and infrastructure growth, China is aspiring to lead the globalization revolution. Not to mention that China’s pop culture is now expanding. Within the thriving change in society, trends are becoming prevalent from beauty shops to tattoo parlors to pop movies being embraced by the younger generation.

Be with us in this journey to explore China in different aspects. We promote healthy exchanges in this site so do not hesitate to contribute your thoughts, experiences and concerns using our form.