A High Dose for Thrill Seekers in China’s Haunted Places

haunted placesPeople jump off a plane mid-travel. Groups of young adventurers scale high cliffs and mountains. Liberated souls go kayaking in swelled, roaring rivers. Thrill-seekers, one and all.

There are a lot of activities available for people wishing to elevate their adrenaline, to feel that rising fear from your stomach climbing up your chest, and yelling it out as you scream for pure ecstatic excitement.

However, similar to most things that have been experienced it loses its touch overtime. Suddenly, kayaking isn’t as thrilling anymore. So people often seek out other form of adventures. One of which isn’t really an activity. More like an exploration, discovery.

Ghost Hunting

Yes. Some of you might be shaking your head saying, “Nope. Nope! Definitely nope!” But there are others out there who are grinning as they read this. They’ve probably even been to several haunted houses before.

So, if you’re one of these people, and is looking for your next place to raid, then perhaps you might want to visit China.

Let’s start with the country’s top tourist destination, The Great Wall.

Tourists and locals alike have reported seeing strange things when visiting the wall. These claims may have its merits, after all it’s estimated that over a million soldiers died during its construction. Its most famous part where apparitions are usually reported is called The Wild Wall, where several hikers died years earlier. The deaths were deemed as fatal falls and lightning strikes. But there are those who say otherwise.

Chaonei No. 81

There’s also a popular haunted house called Chaonei No.81. Legend surrounding it says that during 1949, when the Communists have just defeated the Nationalists, the winning army marched into the city. The losing side, defeated, rushed towards Taiwan. During the retreat a prominent Kuomintang official left her wife to fend for herself. Filled with grief, he hanged herself from the rafters of the three-story French Baroque-style home.

The house, located in Beijing’s center where a small courtyard home could easily sell for millions of dollars, remains untouched and no one seems to be interested in the place. Some say it’s not because of its cost but rather because of the paranormal resident that inhabits it to this day.

There’s also the matter of the house being called as it is.

In Chinese culture the number 8 is shunned by a lot of people since the word four sounds like death in their tongues. In fact, most apartments with addresses associated with the number 8 is automatically deemed as a place where the paranormal is likely to reside.

However, most of these are being refuted by scholars and other government officials saying that these are merely stories and doesn’t hold an ounce of truth in them.

Regardless if you believe it or not, one thing remains clear: people are still claiming, even to this day, that these two places harbor something that can’t be explain by science.

If you’re a believer, a skeptic, or just downright curious, maybe you should some day visit the place and find out for yourself whether or not these tales has some semblance of authenticity on them.

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